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Embracing Growth: Working With Difficult Tarot Decks

1 Mar

This answers many questions for me including my own cloister within the way too many decks I cannot release. Yes, there is always something we can learn. This tarot master has shed some light on the different methods we resist change and what to do about it.


When I decided to study tarot, I purchased a Rider-Waite-Smith deck and a blank journal and set to it. It made sense to learn on tarot’s arguable “gold standard” (The Wild Unknown is slowly but surely creeping into the running), especially since the esoteric symbolism of the RWS carries into more modern decks, overtly or no. And despite my pseudo-iconoclastic leanings, I’m a closet traditionalist, believing that if something’s withstood the test of time, there’s a reason why. That’s why I’m in favor of preserving the Western canon (how can we get rid of Shakespeare? Keats? Even Chaucer?), but kinda want to smash the dead white guys club with a healthy injection of folk narrative, women writers and writers of color, and translated work from writers of renowned in other cultures and other times. Like, can’t we have both? Isn’t there room for everything and everyone? But I digress, at least…

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Words at breakfast….

27 Apr

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TAROT D: The Process of Creating a Visual Metaphor (part 1 of 2)

25 Jul

Unbelievably deep and rich content. A deck to take time, study and get to know.

I Heart Hearts

I have been studying the Tarot for roughly thirteen years now.  It has long been a source of meditative fantasy and imaginative, psychoanalytical catharsis for mythologists and fortune tellers alike.  Being a student of “story” and all things symbolic, i suppose it was inevitable that the Tarot and I would eventually cross paths.  I never could have imagined just how deeply I would fall into the eternal, self-perpetuating mystery that the Tarot embraces.

The Tarot represents life.  It is a visual metaphor for and a comprehensive inventory of human existence.  It reveals itself to each of us differently.  I believe we are all life long learners, and therefore we never completely understand anything.  However, we may reach moments of clarity and enlightenment that allow us to travel deeper into the unspoken language of the universe.  As we live in a realm dictated by the passage of time, our lives are…

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